Monday, May 28, 2012

..Meet the Moms Giveaway..

Welcome to the Growing Up and Doing it Yourself Blog Event sponsored by! There are several blogs around the web taking place, reviewing different items invented by moms! The even runs from today, May 28 - June 10.

 I was excited to receive the Baby Dipper Bowl! This is one of those inventions that have you saying, "Why in the world didn't I think of that?" It was invented by a mom named Barbara Schantz who has TWO sets of twins! She knows what it's like at mealtime when you can't use both hands to feed one baby or toddler. When you have more than one kid crying at once, you can't simply tell them to wait, lol. She, like me, needed something that would let her feed with only one hand. That's when she designed the Baby Dipper. It is definitely a product invented by a mom for moms. This bowl is unique in several ways:

First, it has a non-slip bottom. That was the big, "Why didn't I think of that?" point for me. This is so helpful when I'm feeding one of the girls, or when they're feeding themselves. They are becoming very independent and like to do things on their own. The non-slip bottom keeps them from chasing it around the table or highchair tray.

Second, the interior is sloped. Let me tell you why that matters.. It makes the food gravitate towards the lowest point of the bowl. It collects it there for you people! Like a little food slide!

Third, the lowest point of the bowl is the same shape as the spoon. Genius! It makes getting the food in the spoon so much easier, both for me and the girls.

So if mealtime is somewhat of a chore for you or your child, or if you see your child is becoming frustrated trying to self-feed, you might want to give this bowl a try. I could also see it being great for children with special needs, making it easier to feed.

Buy It:
You can purchase your own Baby Dipper (in either pink or blue!) from their website!
Cost: $9.99

Win It:
As part of the blog event, MomPact is giving away a prize package that has one of every item that is being reviewed! Here's how to enter:

*Follow the Baby Dipper Fan Page here (must be done for any other entries to count) and leave a comment telling me you did.

* For an extra entry, follow my blog publicly and leave a comment telling me you do.

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