Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I think my girls are going to be contortionists. They make my belly move and change shape in ways I didn't think possible, lol. It makes me wish there was a little tiny camera in there so I could see what they are doing.

I get another ultrasound tomorrow to check their weights. Last ultrasound (which was August 27) they weighed over 3lbs each. They should hopefully be close to 5lbs each now. I'm 34 weeks along at the moment, and my doctor thinks I'll go to 36. Not sure how he knows or why he thinks that, but he's the expert, not me, lol. I guess I'll know more after my visit tomorrow!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

..hello september!..

Am I the only one it snuck up on? It was like BAM! Out of nowhere :) I've spent the last couple of weeks just baking cupcakes and babies, lol. Speaking of babies, wanna see something adorable? J and I took a childbirth class, and the last night, he got to see what it was like to swaddle and diaper a baby :)

I think he did a really good job :) Even if he did have the baby squeezed between his knees part of the time, lol. But he'll get plenty of practice very soon.

So, September. Great month :) For me it means:

*Less than 7 weeks til the girls get here

*Mine and J's 4 year wedding anniversary

*New season of CSI!

*New season of Bama football!! Roll Tide!!! :)

Like I said, great month :)

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