Thursday, May 27, 2010

..6 days left..

Until I (hopefully) find out what these critters are! I hope they cooperate at the ultrasound Tuesday. I'm supposed to drink 36oz of water before the appointment and go in with a full bladder. Umm, you want me, pregnant with twins, to load up my bladder and then let someone push all over it?! That's going to be torture, lol :) But they said it pushes the babies up and makes them easier to see. I guess whatever gives me an advantage :) I've had three dreams about them so far, and in each one it has been a boy and a girl. I don't know if that's intuition or just me really hoping. I guess we'll find out.

In the meantime it has been wedding after wedding, and lots of prep work trying to get ready for the new shop. Here's some cakes from a wedding last weekend..

The groom is a big turkey hunter, and the wedding had sort of an Asian theme. It was beautiful, lots of light and dark pink everywhere. I loved it. These aren't the best photos, I made them with my phone. The good photos will be on the Sugar on Top website in the next few days. Better lighting and no one's head in the background :D Hope all of my wonderful friends out here in blog land are having a great summer.

Peace, love and koala fuzz y'all!

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

..i think i've lost it..

I've heard that pregnancy brain can make you think/say/do some weird stuff, but I didn't think it would make me go insane. Let me tell you what my 3 1/2 month pregnant crazy self did this week... I signed a lease on a shop for Sugar on Top. As in, I'm going to have an actual bakery. No more renting kitchen space, no more special-order-only. I'm going to have an honest to goodness storefront! I'm going to have babies in 5 months and I'm opening a shop! What was I thinking?! I think I wasn't thinking.. but the perfect spot became available. It's a spot that I've wanted ever since I decided to start doing cakes, before I even got pregnant. It's right in downtown, it's the perfect size, and it's cheap. They said, "It's available," and I said, "Wrap it up!" I can't believe it, but I'm so excited. And I think I'm more nervous about starting this shop than about having twins! Maybe 2010 will just be my year :D

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Saturday, May 1, 2010 mama angel baby organics review..

I first discovered Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics when doing an online search for organic pregnancy products. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I didn't want to cram my body full of chemicals. Your whole way of looking at things changes when you realize you're not just taking care of yourself anymore. Being responsible for these babies makes me think a little differently. So I was happy to find Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics. Here's a little of what they're about, pulled directly from their website:

"We use the highest-quality, certified-organic or organically grown herbs and oils for our teas, bath herbs, gentle handmade soaps, salves, lotions and massage oils. Our products are 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes. Our commitment to honor the earth and her valuable resources extends to our packaging as well - we use only eco-friendly recyclable or reused/resuseable packaging and packing materials. It's true - we are even the proud recipients of the BRAG (Business Recycling Award Group) for our green practices.

Just as our foremothers did, Earth Mama Angel Baby honors the ancient knowledge of natural and herbal remedies and plant medicine. The wisdom we rely on has been passed down from great-grandmother to grandmother to mother to daughter, which we combine with the safety and assurances of contemporary evidence-based research."

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics recently sent me some of their new Happy Mama Body Wash to try out.

"Earth Mama Angel Baby’s exhilarating new body wash is safe for pregnancy and ideal for noses that are sensitive from morning sickness. And since Earth Mama Angel baby products are formulated to be safe for pregnancy they are safe, and perfect, for the entire family. With fresh Ginger to combat queasiness, Happy Mama Body Wash is USDA Certified Made With Organic ingredients, including zangy organic Lime and organic Pink Grapefruit essential oils to give spirits a lift, in a naturally safe organic olive oil castile soap base. No harsh detergents and zero toxins mean it's safe for pregnant women and the whole family."

This body wash smells SO good! The ginger and the grapefruit really wakes you up in the morning. The lather is wonderful and it rinses away clean. Sometimes body washes feel like they leave a residue on my skin, but this one definitely doesn't. I also love that it can be used not only for pregnant mamas, but for babies as well.

They also have much more than lotions and body washes. For tea drinkers, they have several blends including Morning Wellness Tea, Heartburn Tea and Third Trimester Tea. This was the first product from Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics that I've tried, but it definitely won't be my last. I've got my eye on the Happy Feet Herbal Foot Soak and the Natural Stretch Oil (I have a feeling that with twins, I'm gonna need this!).

So if you're looking for organic products that you can feel good (and safe) about using on yourself and your little ones, then have a look around Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic's website.

*As always, no monetary compensation was given for my opinion. *All photos courtesy of

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