Thursday, June 21, 2012

..this photo..

does my heart good..

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Monday, June 11, 2012

..the terrible twos..

If the Terrible Twos start early, does that mean they end early too? :) Oh buddy, I think we're there at 20 months. We have learned and often use the word, "no," we are very whiny, and I cannot leave their sight for a second without them throwing themselves on the floor in a fit. Tell me that's the extent of it? Please tell me the Terrible Twos don't get any worse! I don't think my sanity (or what little hair I have left) can stand it. My kiddos are the sweetest and funniest things in the world, but their little sensitivity meters have been right up there with a pregnant woman's. Any little thing sets them off.. she touched my toy... she looked like she was about to touch my toy... even though she's in the other room and I can't see her, she might be thinking about touching my toy!!

Ay yi yi.. It's so hard to get anything done. Even though we have a baby gate in the doorway that goes from the living room to the kitchen, and even though they could reach over the gate and touch me as I do laundry, they can't stand it. My laundry pile is awful y'all! I know that saying, "Good moms have sticky floors, dirty laundry and happy kids.." But how many days in a row do you have to wear the same jeans because they're the only clean pair you've got before that just becomes NOT true? :D

Oh, and have I mentioned that we have started having to DUCT TAPE their diapers? Yes, there have been too many poop-mishaps to go without taped diapers anymore. It's ugly and gross, and I'm not going to subject y'all to the details.

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