Thursday, September 2, 2010

..hello september!..

Am I the only one it snuck up on? It was like BAM! Out of nowhere :) I've spent the last couple of weeks just baking cupcakes and babies, lol. Speaking of babies, wanna see something adorable? J and I took a childbirth class, and the last night, he got to see what it was like to swaddle and diaper a baby :)

I think he did a really good job :) Even if he did have the baby squeezed between his knees part of the time, lol. But he'll get plenty of practice very soon.

So, September. Great month :) For me it means:

*Less than 7 weeks til the girls get here

*Mine and J's 4 year wedding anniversary

*New season of CSI!

*New season of Bama football!! Roll Tide!!! :)

Like I said, great month :)

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  1. LOL! I love the video. Especially how he's so focused! Great keepsake. :o)

  2. Your hubby ROCKS! That video made me just SMILE, Harley! Wow! Only 7 WEEKS? You must be super excited! Heck, I'M excited! I'm so glad to hear you sounding healthy, happy, and like your always-sweet lil' self! NOTE: I am THRILLED September is here! Autumn cannot GET here too quickly! (I'm NOT a Summer person!)

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