Saturday, August 21, 2010 one day off..

So we got the shop going and really hit the ground running! We've been open for two weeks now, and I don't have people lining up out the doors, but I do stay busy all day. Not too shabby for a business who's only advertising at the moment is word of mouth and some Facebook time!

So this is the first day I've really had "off" even though the shop is only open Monday - Thursday. I usually spend Fridays and Saturdays working on special order birthday cakes and wedding cakes.

Enough cake talk, let's talk about the babies!!! :D I cannot believe that I only have about 8 weeks left until the girls are here. I mean, 8 weeks at the most! I've had three baby showers, and have been so very blessed with so many wonderful items. Lots of diapers, LOTS of clothes (because who doesn't love buying clothes for twin girls?!) and lots of other goodies.

And because they are just too stinkin' cute, I have to share a couple of the dresses that we got. I'm a sucker for a little girl in a polo dress, lol.

We also got this one in a pink and white stripe as well.

And then we got two of these, and they are just precious..

Ahh, be still my heart :) I can't wait to start playing dress-up :D

With getting the shop set up and open I had to put the nursery on hold, but it's almost done now. That's what I plan on working on today. A super cute new fabric store opened up near me and they carry all of the "designer" brand fabrics, like Heather Bailey, Heather Ross, Anna Maria Horner, and all those. So she has the fabric that I want to use for the nursery, yay!

And, so I don't get any complaints from the peanut gallery (you know who you are!) I leave you with a belly shot :) This one is a couple of weeks old, and yes, I have gotten bigger since. I will take a recent one today! But until that one gets posted, this one can tide you over :)

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  1. First of all, it was WONDERFUL hearing from you, both in the email AND here on your blog! Second, it's true, you know! Pregnant women GLOW! How do I know? Because YOU are glowing like magic! You look beautiful, Harley! I LOVE your lil' tummy! The 2nd photo isn't showing up (waaaaah!) but I can see the polo style dress and it's darling! Again, a big congrats on your shop! Bet I'll see you on The Food Channel's show, Cupcake Wars, one day! And YOU will WIN! Hugs to you & hubby, and gentle tummy pats to the girls!

  2. YEAH!!! I know your shop will only grow with customers. Congratulations on the progress!!

    Ahh, is it countdown time already? It went by so fast.

    Thanks for the belly shot. You look absolutely adorable and you have such a glow.

  3. You are staying so busy because your cakes are sooo good!

    Pregnancy looks so good on you. I wish I would've looked half as good as you do pregnant...and I only had one in the oven. ;o)

  4. I am so excited to hear that the shop is going so well! That is wonderful, Harley! And EIGHT WEEKS! Holy cow that went fast!!! I'm excited to see your girlies!!!!

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