Sunday, March 30, 2008


Just a quick update... grandmother had the surgery, and it went well. I'm really hoping this protein pack thing will help her gain back her strength.

Oh, and the most wonderful news :) I gave my two weeks notice at work yesterday! Lol, it's wonderful because that job was (almost literally) killing me. My doctor said that most of my health problems could be attributed to stress from work. So he wrote me a 2 weeks excuse from work (using some paid sick leave, yay!) and I put in my two weeks, so I'm not even going to have to go back. You have no idea how liberating that is! :)

Ok, back to cleaning up this scrap room. One of my LSS is having a Yard Sale at the end of April, and I'm gonna have lots to sell :)


  1. That's wonderful news about your grandma, and about you, too!! Stress does awful things to our bodies, so I'm glad you are able to high-tail it out of your job!

  2. So glad to hear about your grandma! And YAHOO for you and your no job:)

  3. glad to hear about grandma...sorry that your job caused health problems, i have been thru that...hope you will enjoy not going to work!...
    ;) angie (craftyscrapr)