Monday, October 19, 2009

..october is busy!..

Wow, time flies when you have something to do every single day! :D For those who have asked about the accident, everything is fine. It was a car wreck, and I was pretty upset about it when it happened. But no one was hurt, everything is okay. It was just nuts for a few days.

On the cake shop front, business has been good! :) I've had two cake orders already for this month and doing a wedding this weekend. It's slowly but surely getting there :) I know it takes a while to establish yourself in the community, and I'm fine with that. Honestly, I haven't even had time to think about advertising (other than the bridal show I did last month, and the one coming up in January) because I don't know what i would do if I got swamped at this point. I hope to be sending out some flyers to local big-business offices letting them know my specials for holiday parties. So we'll see :)

But that's where I've been lately, in the kitchen :) I'd rather be busy than losing money! :D

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  1. Mahalo for letting us know what happened - didn't want to pry - and still wanted to know more!!

    What are you doing to get ready for Halloween? - or does that need to wait until next week - after the wedding?

  2. NOOOOOO! You are WAY too sweet to have ANY kind of accident, Harley! But I'm glad you're okay! And I hope you get all SORTS of good business flying in your direction. I'm like YOU - rather be BUSY. My 'slow' season begins before Thanksgiving & lasts till early January. Eeeks! I'm LOVING the 13-Days Swap! SO MUCH FUN OPENING A GIFTY EACH DAY!