Tuesday, January 26, 2010

..time is my friend..

Just not this month, lol. Ok, seriously I have been missing in action Annie this month on the ol' blog-o-rino here. I mean I seriously cannot believe how fast time goes when you're busy.

I have two big events this week: Thursday is the hubbo's birthday. His mom has graciously allowed us to take over her house for the night for his party because my kitchen is covered in cake because of event #2, the Spring Bridal Show.

The Bridal Show is on Sunday, and I only wish it was NEXT Sunday. I got a call from one of the event managers today. She let me know that she got me in a better spot in the ballroom which is excellent. I just wish I had known about it sooner because now I will have a wall behind me, and if it wasn't such short notice I would have com up with something to hang on it. I also got a call today from a special-effects lighting company that will be doing the lights on the stage in the ballroom during the show and during the fashion show as well. He wanted to know if I would want to make a display cake to be up on stage the whole time, done up with special lighting. Um yes, I would! :D But that means one more display cake to add to my list of 6 already. Plus I'm going to try to do the stage cake 6 tiers tall... yikes :D Cross your fingers for me, lol.

So I'm elbow deep in frosting, and haven't had time to do much else. Eat, sleep, make cake, and answer phone calls, with less of the eating and sleeping, and more of the other two.

Yes, so.. I still love you all. A lot. And I miss you. I'm trying, really.. I mean, it's hard what with updating here, and Facebook, and Twitter. Technology is exhausting :D

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  1. Three long pieces of toulle in different colors that coordinate with your logo or display cakes. You can hang them in a simple wave behind you and it will be a gorgeous and appropriate backdrop and super easy! No creating required! I hope it goes awesome for you!!!

  2. I wish I had a creative solution for you, lil' Harley, but cake IS MY enemy as far as the creating part goes. I'm lucky if I can make a CAKE MIX. LOL! I know you will end up with an AMAZING display tho' because that's just who you ARE! You ROCK! I've missed you lots & am glad your business is prospering but sad not to see you post lots. (Spoiled BRAT over here!) Happy birthday to your hubby! Hugs to YOU!

  3. I wish you luck on your adventure! I do hope you will get some pictures of your booth and cakes! Please post... k? :)

    I am so excited for you!!

  4. Man- I sure wish we lived closer- I'd be there helping ya get frosting out of our hair and clothes!
    I'm rooting for you girly! You deserve this success!
    Just pace yourself and make sure you take breaks and get adequate sleep. WE don't want you burning out or getting sick now!

    Hugs & I love ya! You go girl!