Wednesday, April 14, 2010

..bun in the oven chronicles..

Ok so I got a little bit of a surprise yesterday. I had to go back to the OB for an exam and some bloodwork, and they said since my doctor didn't get to see me when I was in last week (he got called for a delivery), that he wanted me to have another ultrasound. That was fine by me, because I'm a worry-wort and I'll take any chance to see the critters! :)

They said they were still right on track size-wise, and their heartbeats were good. Baby A was flipped upside down, lol. They were both just hopping all over the place while we were watching, it was crazy :) Also, they said they want to see me every 4 weeks until I hit 6 months. Then it will go to every 2 weeks until 8 months, then it will be every week. So when I go back I will be 15 weeks along. My new due date is October 18th. The Dr. said that with twins, "full term" is only 38 weeks. So, it's really crazy to think that they could be here in just 6 short months! I've already started stockpiling diapers, just to make it a little easier.

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  1. Harley, this is sooooo fun & exciting! I'm jumping around wanting to know if they are girls or boys or one of each! Also - any ideas on your nursery colors????? TAKE CARE OF YOUR SWEET SELF! HUGS IN DUPLICATE!

  2. I bet it will go by super fast, too! I'm glad you are able to go in often, though.

  3. Glad to hear everything is on track. Cherish these moments. They go by so quickly. Really, when you look back you will say it to yourself.

    I remember you talking about the Mom thing around a year ago. It makes me so happy for you to hear that you are going through something so magical, giving life. Yippee!!

    I don't recommend buying diapers yet (of course buy some for when you come home with them). Buy yourself gift cards instead. Not all diapers work the same, which you will soon find out. It sometimes is a trial and error.

    Have fun decorating! Waiting patiently for the next update :)