Thursday, July 15, 2010

..summer blog tour..

Holly from The Work at Home Woman and Abbey from Living My MoMent have put together an amazing Blog Tour. 60 blogs in 60 days, and today is all me! :) But you can see the entire list here to catch up on ones you may have missed.

As for my post for today.. are you tired of hearing about babies yet? Hope not :) The hubbo looked at me last night and said, "You're really enjoying the whole pregnancy thing, aren't you?" I told him I could totally see how women would want to be pregnant all the time. Aside from the sickness in the beginning, being pregnant is a feeling that you just can't describe. It really does have to be felt. And the fact that there's two in there just makes it even more special!

I got to see the girls via ultrasound again at my doctor's appointment yesterday. Layla has flipped so they are now both head down. Maybe they will stay that way for the rest of the pregnancy *fingers crossed* Lol. Piper weighs about 1lb 8oz and Layla weighs about 1lb 10oz. It's hard to believe they're that big already!

And, since I'm all about fun facts that very rarely come up in conversation, here's some "did you know?" stuff about twins!

*Up to 22% of twins are left-handed. In the general populace, only 10% are left-handed. (For the record, hubbo and I are both right-handed)

*Twins do not have to be born on the same dates. The longest gap between birth is 85 days.

*27 lbs. and 12oz. Total is the heaviest combined birth weight of any set of twins. (Eep!)

*Once you've had fraternal twins, you are 3 to 4 times more likely to have another set!

*Female fraternal twins have an increased chance to have fraternal twins at an actual rate of about one in 60 births or more.

And now you know :)

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  1. How sweet! I made sure I enjoyed my last pregnancy with new clothes, pampering, etc.

    Now I hear they have massages for the preggo mom! Awesome!

    I just found an adorable baby clothing site called Faith Baby. Since they're girls, those clothes would be perfect for them! I'm not related to the owners, just love the look of the product. They have a blog:

    I'm here for the Summer Blog Tour! My turn will be up soon..hope to see you then! :)

  2. Stopping by from the summer blog tour. :) Awesome post! Love the twin facts. :) I would LOVE to have twins! :)

    Good luck with your pregnancy!

  3. Great twin facts! Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. I always loved being pregnant, but the last month always got me. I think it is the countdown and knowing you get to see the baby soon is what got to me. Total excitement!!

  4. Harley,

    I love reading about people's pregnancies. Thanks so much for being a part of the Summer Blog Tour.

    I didn't know that stat about Left Handers!

    BTW, I'm left handed, so left handers RULE!!!!

    Thanks Abbey
    Living My MoMent

  5. Congrats on the twin girls!!!! I'm hoping to go into labor like--right NOW (literally...I'm 3cm dialated and having crazy Braxton Hicks, lol. I'm glad you're enjoying your's always been pretty rotten for me-sick the entire 9 months :S Blah! Definitely worth it though :D :D

  6. I am love the names Layla and Piper! *swoons*
    *pats the baby bump*
    Luv ya girl!

  7. Harley, you sound SOOOOO happy & healthy, and that makes ME smile! I loved being pregnant (after the morning sickness finally subsided) and actually remember the whole process with such joy! I never felt prettier than I did back then - A. HUNDRED. YEARS. AGO.! LOL! Give Piper & Layla pats from Aunty Kai, and have your hubby hug you from me!

  8. Oh those are great facts to share, how interesting! Yes, I LOVED being pregnant despite all the scares I had. I can't wait to do it again, SOON!!! Happy blog tour day, sorry I am a bit late!

  9. Wow those are some interesting twin facts. There was a lady in our area about 2 weeks ago that had twins each weighing over 10 pounds. Hope you have a happy and healthy remainder of your pregnancy!

  10. Pregnancy looks good on you! You are one of the lucky women who glow while pregnant. :o)

    Love all of the twin facts!

  11. Thanks for being part of the Summer Blog Tour!

    Congrats on the twins, how sweet! I'm hoping to get pregnant soon, so I love the baby talk!

    Keep cool this summer and keep us posted on the pregnancy!

  12. I loved being preggers too. So much in fact I did it six times. Now I'm in therapy. (Kidding). So glad you are enjoying the whole experiance. Twins are magical. Enjoy every second.


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  15. I am really happy for you, I am happier at the fact that you're enjoying your pregnancy, cos some women don't. I am also pregnant and I can also say that its a wonderful experience.

    I stumbled on your blog for the first time and really enjoyed your posts and the general layout. I also found some post on, you might find them interesting as well.


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