Tuesday, November 16, 2010

..growing like weeds..

They don't go back for another doctor visit until the first of December, but I'm pretty sure the girls are both about 6 pounds each now. They will be 6 weeks old Thursday, and it just doesn't seem like they should be that old. I'll blink and they'll be 6 YEARS old! :)

Piper, waving hi to all our friends out in Blog Land :)

Layla, wondering what in the world I'm doing..

It's exciting that they can actually fit into some of their clothes now :)

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  1. Oh, Harley! They are so beautiful I could cry! I'm serious! Been DYING for some baby updates (THANK YOU!!!!) but hated to bug you 'cause I know all this mommying is new & exciting, and you need lots of time to savor it! I'm gloriously happy for you & your hubby! Those are two soft, sweet, little dolls! Sending ALL of you big hugs!

  2. Heeeee!!! I love Piper's little hand in the air! So cute!!! I wish I could hold them!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! They are too cute!!

  4. They are adorable!! I miss little ones:)
    take care

  5. Harley, you have two beautiful little girls! Love that they are all bright eyed and posing for Mommy! And yes, kids do grow too fast. I was thinking the same thing when I saw younger pictures of my first DGS. And second DGS is 10 months old already. Its like you want to stop time so you can get used to the idea and because you find out that you just want to hold on to that moment for a little bit longer so you can get used to the changes.


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