Wednesday, April 21, 2010

..3 months!..

I'm 12 weeks this week, woot! I can't believe it's been 3 months already. A little over 5 months and they'll be here! Speaking of not believing, who's belly is this? It's like I can literally see and feel myself getting bigger every day, but it's so cute :) You can finally tell I'm actually pregnant, and not just hooked on Krispy Kremes, lol. I've got to get some belly pics up. The morning sickness is much better. The only time I usually feel bad is at bedtime. I think laying down makes my heartburn bad, which makes my nausea worse. Luckily Tums help, and my doctor said that I can always take over the counter meds like Prilosec. 3 weeks until I get to see the critters again, I can't wait.

Oh yeh, did I mention I'm on a big mashed potatoes and gravy kick? LOVING me some KFC lately, lol :D

Peace, love and double the koala fuzz y'all!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

..bun in the oven chronicles..

Ok so I got a little bit of a surprise yesterday. I had to go back to the OB for an exam and some bloodwork, and they said since my doctor didn't get to see me when I was in last week (he got called for a delivery), that he wanted me to have another ultrasound. That was fine by me, because I'm a worry-wort and I'll take any chance to see the critters! :)

They said they were still right on track size-wise, and their heartbeats were good. Baby A was flipped upside down, lol. They were both just hopping all over the place while we were watching, it was crazy :) Also, they said they want to see me every 4 weeks until I hit 6 months. Then it will go to every 2 weeks until 8 months, then it will be every week. So when I go back I will be 15 weeks along. My new due date is October 18th. The Dr. said that with twins, "full term" is only 38 weeks. So, it's really crazy to think that they could be here in just 6 short months! I've already started stockpiling diapers, just to make it a little easier.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

..bun in the oven chronicles..

Well, today certainly was a crazy day. We had our first doctor's appointment. They said they were going to do the ultrasound first, and it felt like it took forever to get us in a room. I know it was really only a few minutes, but I was super nervous and excited all at the same time. I got in and laid down, and Jeff sat in the chair next to me. On went the gel (which was surprisingly warm!) and then the tech went to work. I knew something was up when the first words out of her mouth were, "Oh my." So then I start straining to see the monitor, and she asks, "So this is your first?" And I'm thinking good grief what is it? Well, have a look. (Click on it to see the whole thing)

That's not two pictures of one baby :D We're having twins!! I couldn't believe it. But it's really weird, because I've kinda had that feeling all along that it might be more than one. So super excited! :) She said that both babies looked good as far as size, and that their heartbeats were really good.

Here's Baby A, waving for its closeup :)

And here's a profile of Baby B. I just love its little belly :)

Yeh, so we're excited, and freaked out a little, and totally on cloud 9 a little too. I mean, one was enough to be happy about. Two is just great, and sorta insane :D The nurse said I'm like the 5th set of twins they've seen in the last month, but I'm the only one who got them without fertility drugs. I will go back in 6 weeks for another ultrasound, and the tech said we should get to find out genders then. She also said that based on what she could see as far as the sacks they were in, that they're probably fraternal. That makes me happy, because that means it could be a boy and a girl. That would be awesome :) But honestly, we just want healthy!

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