Sunday, February 20, 2011


Cute baby picture alert!

4 months old already, seriously? Both girls are rolling over, laughing out loud and eating cereal out of a spoon! We moved up into size 2 diapers, and I almost had a crying spell. It's going by too fast!

Piper loves to be on her belly. She also discovered that she can blow raspberries, so she does it all of the time. At the moment (and I'm sure this will change) she seems to be my more independent one.

Layla is my talker. She yells out loud, which makes her laugh at herself too. She loves to hold onto you while you're holding her. She might be a momma's girl :)

They both love to watch tv, especially Sesame Street. They laugh when Elmo comes on :) So, now I'm just trying to come up with some way to keep them this size forever... *sigh*

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  1. Cute pictures!
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  2. So, so cute. They do grow up fast but it's good too! Think about eating out of the spoon and the fun things they do everyday. I'm a new GFC follower from Say Hi Sunday.

  3. Your little girlies are so cute! The ones of them in the snow are precious! So, you're a bakery owner?! AWESOME! What do you bake?? I found you from the blog hop!

  4. Hi!
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  5. So very cute....enjoy all these moments, they are precious and they grow up far too quickly mine are nearly are blessed.

  6. O.M.G.! Harley, they are even MORE beautiful at four months than - well - at THREE months! How is that possible? I think they need to be displayed in your shop! They would be the most enticing lil' cupcakes THERE! Hugs for both sweethearts from Aunty Kai, & hugs to YOU, good mama!

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  8. Hi!!! That's a nice baby..So cute...

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  10. Oh my Gosh! Your babies are adorable! They must be identical twins? Two cuties!

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    Sandie lee