Sunday, November 6, 2011


That's what it felt like when 'tired' hit me today. Not really sure why. I slept a decent amount last night, unless it wasn't good sleep. Not sure.. But today I have been so draggy. I meant to do lots of housework today. Nope.

Tiredness could be a result of chasing two pretty, spunky, wild little girls all over the place. Preventing paper eating, toy stealing, water spilling and sock hiding. And it couldn't be better kind of tired :)

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  1. They are breathtakingly, heartbreakingly beautiful, those two little angel-girlies! And I say YOU deserve a day to do whatever YOU choose. Pack those two lil' precious babies up, mail 'em UPS, and let Aunty Kai spoil ... errr ... babysit a few days! DON'T I WISH!!! Get SOME rest. You need your strength with all you do! Hugs!!!