Monday, August 6, 2012 how you've suffered..

My poor little blog. You, along with my loving laptop have suffered the fate known as mommyhood. Family comes first, work comes second. The internet unfortunately gets pushed way down, somewhere between shower-scrubbing and gardening. How I miss spending entire rainy afternoons clicking away on the keyboard, browsing blog after blog for new crafty or food ideas. Now I'm lucky if I can get in 15 minutes at naptime, considering the girls have decided they only want one nap a day, and it shall not be much over an hour. And after they're in bed for the night? Well that's when I have to try to catch up on the last bits of cleaning or toy-picking-upness or whatever. I dare not even try to lay in bed and play because I am usually so worn out that I fall asleep within minutes, and the amount of drool on my keyboard would surely short circuit something.

Just know that I think of you often dear blog. You are one of my oldest friends, and I know that no matter when I get to come back and visit again, you will be there.

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