Monday, February 4, 2008 visit..

So I had an appointment to go to the doctor today to get my first B12 shot and to get the results of my echocardiogram (which I had last Wednesday, and they told me I would know something last Friday!) I was also going to talk to the doctor about the results of my barium swallow which showed reflux. Well, I got to the doctor's office, and got called back. The nurse proceeded to give me a shot and say "All done, just schedule your next appointment and we'll see you next week."

I had to ask if my echo results were in.. she looked it up and said "Oh, it looks like the cardiologist didn't send the results here to the office.. we will have to let them know to send them here."

What? How did they not know? It was on my form?! And I also had to being up the reflux... never once saw the doctor, or even talked to him. They said I might know my echo results by tomorrow. I might? I mean, this is something that is bothering me, and it was a big enough deal for them to get me in for the echo two days after doing my EKG, so why does it take so long to let me know the results? :(


  1. Sorry your having problems at your doctors...My daughter had to wait months to get the results from the gastro.. She had 4 things wrong on top of her pancreatis and she got the results from her reg. dr. and meds that the reg dr. prescribed. She never had a follow-up with the gastro after being scoped. She never got meds from the gastro who knows what she should take...The gastro office said they didn't know who my DD was, they never saw her....I know other people have had problems with her dr... So, don't feel too bad about your treatment from your dr.'s office... I think its the going thing in this day and age... Is it right?.... NO! But do ya notice that dr.'s don't spend that much time with their patients or even examine by touch like they used to.............. I hope you get your results tomorrow and better treatment.......Take care............

    Pattie's passion

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through all this stuff. Hey, we can be {heart} buddies, kay?! It seems as though we're going through the exact same thing. Let's hope our next visits are much better!