Monday, June 23, 2008

..monday fun..

Today has been TIRING! There's this little old lady that lives nearby who has come to the point where she can't do much gardening anymore. But she LOVES her some flowers. So she offered to hire me to do some work in her yard. I don't think I will be able to walk tomorrow, seriously..

I spent 4 hours in ONE flower bed. *ACK* But it's ok, because she's nice and she feeds me lunch :)

Anyway, I worked for today and also last Saturday. And since sudden showers decided to pop up on me today, I'm gonna have to go back tomorrow to finish. All that to say I haven't been scrappy the last couple of days. I wanted to, and I have stuff laid out. But sore muscles won out over good intentions :)

I will, however, leave you with some really cool stuff to look at.

*Check out this super cute Bird Wreath at Pink Paislee.

*Lookie lookie at this beautiful patriotic layout that's so pretty because of the muted colors.

*DIY Vinyl Tile Art.. that just sounds cool :)

*Use your Themed Paper Challenge over at AMR!

*And Chris pointed me to this free Scrapbook & Cards magazine!

Maybe that will keep ya'll busy until I can get some scrappin' done :D

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  1. so nice for you to help your neighbor with her garden &'ll get to scrap soon...
    ;) angie/craftyscrapr