Friday, November 21, 2008


That's what this week sounded like as it whizzed past me, lol. It's all been a blur. I'm making a Lightning McQueen cake for a friend's little boy (party is tomorrow) so I've been neck deep in flour the past couple of days. It will be really nice if/when I get a shop, with something other than a SINGLE oven. Baking one layer at a time gets frustrating.

Anyway, Debbie at Passion for Crafts is having a huge giveaway on her blog. So go check it out. I mean, she's giving away COPICS people!!

And check out this cuteness from Kristi at Sunnypond. You can get the project for it free at YouCanMakeThis. They have several free patterns, and I really want to try some out. Heh, you know, during some of that free time I have :)

What else... My craft fair is coming up. December 6th in Sheffield, if anyone lives close :) So in between cake layers and making lunch for the Hubbo, I've been trying to get my crafts done. Haha, I think I have like 3 of each thing I want to take made. Hubbo has got to go to work so I can get some more done :)

Ok, timer went off on the oven. I will be back tomorrow with pictures of the cake.

Peace, love and koala fuzz y'all!!


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