Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today is very special to me. The hubbo and I started dating on 09.09.99, and then we got married on 09.09.06. Which means that today is technically our 3rd and our 10th anniversary :) This will be the only time in our life when we will get to celebrate with all 9's. Unless science makes some HUGE progress, I don't see either of us being around on 09.09.99 again :D So today is a big deal, but no big plans. I'm letting him sleep late, and I'll be working on cakes for the bridal fair this weekend. But next week is a different story. Next week we leave for a week long cruise :D That's our celebration, and I can't wait! It will be the first time either of us have ever gone on one. We're setting out to Cozumel and Progreso. And I'm even more thrilled, because one of the days we're at port, we're going swimming with dolphins. It's been on my "Bucket List" since I was a little girl.

So Happy Anniversary babe. I hope it's been worth it for you, because it's been a blast for me! :D




See, some things do get better with time :)

**UPDATE** I just answered the door to a delivery.. a flower delivery for me! :) He sent me three roses (one for every year) in red, pink and white. He gets the award for hubbo of the year in my book :D

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  1. Happy Anniversary, hope you enjoy your day!

  2. Gloriaski! I can just TELL your hubby is as fun as YOU are, lil' Harley! What a cute couple! Congratulations & a VERY happy anniversary! Wow! A CRUISE! I'm going to want details because I've been seriously considering one. So when you return, tell me all about it, okay!? Have a special & glorious day! BIG, BIG HUGS!

  3. Yay! Congrats Harley! You are going to LOVE the cruise. As soon as you come back you will want to start planning the next one! :) Have fun!

  4. How cute are you guys?!!!! Happy Anniversary to both of you! I hope your trip is super awesome!

  5. The photos are really cute! My husband and I just celebrated our
    30th anniversary, and I have to say I am still glad he is mine! I have a question, who did your blog, I love the colors!!!! Thanks!

  6. Awwwwww- he gets my vote for hubbo of the year award too! How sweeeeet!
    Congrats and Happy Anniversary Sweetie!
    A cruise- how fun and I envy you (in a friendly way of course) that you're going to swim with the dolphins. That's on my bucket list too! How enchanting! Take pics!

  7. Happy anniversary!!
    Enjoy your cruise, I'm sure it will be wonderful.
    Love the pictures.

  8. Congratulations!!!! What a great picture of you guys and the mustaches. That is just to funny! My husband and I play around that way to. That is one of the many things I love about my hubby.

  9. What a great recap of the life of a terrific couple!!! And now a cruise to top it all off!! Have such a wonderful time that you won't want to return......but you will!!

  10. Happy Anniversary to you!
    Thanks for visiting my blog ~ and good luck in the giveaway!