Sunday, September 6, 2009 giveaway is here!..

Hey swap participants, ready for another giveaway?! :)

**You have to be a participant in the Halloween Swap to win this giveaway**

This week's giveaway comes from Burning Moon. Burning Moon is created & ran by Luna from Phoenix, Arizona. Her shop offers a variety of products for everyone from jewelry,candle holders, book marks, gifts + more all at an affordable price. Her shop just recently opened this year but she has been creating things since child hood. Looking for a great gift or help promoting your own Etsy shop? Visit today.

And make sure you check out Luna's Blog for even more inspiration!

Luna is giving away one (1) of her "Boo" hairclips, and and a black and orange woven bead bracelet, like the ones in her shop.

*How to enter*

For one entry into the drawing, visit Burning Moon and tell me an item that you love!

For a second entry, make a purchase from Burning Moon and let me know.

You have until Saturday, September 12th to enter. Good luck!

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  1. Yayyyy! The fun continues

    I love the Jack Skellington "The Pumpkin King" charm bracelet *swoons*


  2. I also love the Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Charm Bracelet

  3. Me LOOOOVES the Kawaii Skelly-peace tile! And the Kawaii headband, and the skelly bracelet, and, and, and ... uh-oh. Just ONE, huh? I guess I get an 'F' for not following directions! BAD KAI! LOL!

  4. What a fantastic Etsy shop!

    I really love that Destash bag of ribbons and yarns. Some of those ribbons really are eye-catching.

    For something handmade on the site that I love, it would have to be the butterfly charm bracelet.

  5. I love the Kawaii bear ears headband!!! Cuteness!!!

  6. Thank you to those who have entered so far Good luck to everyone

  7. The Jack Skellington the pumpkin King Charm Bracelet -- RAD.

  8. Woopiee a fun give away for the party goers...
    My choice is: Blue butterfly with a black bow headband
    I love it.. I have very long hair and all of your hair adornments would look wonderful in it ;)
    Also I am like Nymf.. I love anything Jack Skellington.

  9. I think the Rasta bracelet in three colors has to be my favorite. It's adorable! :)

  10. Absolutely love the button bookmarks!! Make me smile!!

  11. I love the skeleton charm bracelet... too cute!