Tuesday, December 8, 2009

..rain rain..

Big time raining here.. that's ok though. I've been cleaning and wrapping Christmas presents. Trying to get hubbo's wrapped before he gets home tonight. Sneaky sneaky :)

Question.. is it bad that I bought my sister a Christmas present last year and hid it so well that I still haven't found it?! Lol! :D

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  1. *lol* You lost your sisters gift from last year! mwahahahaha! Too cute!

    HUGS!!! Stay Wsrm!

  2. HA! I totally do that sort of thing! LOL! It snowed AND rained here yesterday. Tons of fun. Note the sarcasm. LOL!

  3. You lost a gift???? Oh, lil' Harley, THAT'S okay! I lost my MIND! BWAHAHAHAHA! I'm GLAD to see you posting. I MISS you! And rain ... yep. We in these Southern areas tend to get a wide variety of weather types in just one week's time, don't we? We had hot & humid, followed by cool and VERY rainy, by colder and windy, by REALLY cold, and tomorrow? VERY RAINY again. But 'tis the season to be HAPPY regardless of weather, and I AM. Hope YOU are TOO! BIG HUGS!