Sunday, April 24, 2011

..perfect timing..

This is a winners and apology post. I know I have been late announcing winners for some of the Spring Fling giveaways. My computer, the one that is only two years old, the one that has already been sent back to Gateway once, died. In the two years I have had it, I've been able to use it maybe a combined total of 6 months. That's SO annoying. And not only is it annoying, it's unfair to my readers and entrants. So I apologize to all of you. I actually have a couple of extra giveaways to post, I hope that helps make up for it.

So now what about some good news? How about some winners?! :)

My Baby Clothes Boutique Winner:

deanna said...   follow you on twitter

Yummie Tummie Winner:

sueparks2003 said...   public gfc of you and OMFOTCN

LouLouBell Handmade Winner:
 Sarah said... I follow both blogs

Born Free Winner:
 Kerry said...     Follow Born Free on twitter

Congrats to all of the winners! There are still two giveaways left open to enter.

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