Tuesday, April 17, 2012

..big girls..

I feel like I have 3 yr. olds instead of 18-month olds. We took down the cribs! No more cribs, that sounds so sad! I mean, I know it's an exciting time, and just another milestone. But they're really not babies anymore. And it seems like they didn't spend enough time in them, lol. That's only because they slept next to my bed until they were almost 7 months old, due to them being so little, and also due a little bit to me being kinda attached to them :D

At the moment they are just sleeping on mattresses on their floor. Their cribs do convert to a daybed, but my kids are SQUIRMERS! They flip and flop all over the place at night (they get that from their daddy) and no daybed, even with a little rail would hold them. They would find a way to fall off. So, I guess we'll stick to mattresses, unless maybe we go with those little plastic beds that just sit on the floor. They'll still fall out, but at least it won't be far. Who knows.. The only bad thing about no cribs is that it takes them longer to actually go to sleep. They can get up and play at will, so we're trying to get used to that. I laid them down about an hour ago and I can hear them on the monitor, walking around and roaring like a lion. Ahh, toddlerhood :)


  1. They sure do grow up so fast Momma!! They're adorable - Two Much!! Mwah!!

  2. ps-i have that koala graphic with your name on it. the one you used to have on the other layout! I can resend it to you if you want! No obligations! :)

    1. I thought it still showed up? I had it defaulted to always be on there.. I've never, ever taken it off!

  3. I just randomly came across your blog..I love swapbot too :)

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