Tuesday, January 29, 2008

..birthday happies..

Yesterday was Jeff's 29th Birthday! I have been teasing him for the last several months, saying "I can't believe you will turn 30 in January!" He just gives me that look :) Maybe that will make him feel a little better about only turning 29. I told him he was also lucky because this year is Leap Year, so therefore he gets one extra day before the big 3-0! :) As per tradition, I made him his favorite.. Red Velvet Cake. Just a night in for us.. he wanted spaghetti and a movie, so that's what we did. Sometimes it's the simple things :)


  1. How sweet! I'm glad you had a great night together.

    Tell him Happy Birthday!

  2. Its ALWAYS the simple things!

    MMMMmmm Red Velvet!

    Happy BIRTHDAY