Tuesday, January 1, 2008

..happy new year!..

It's 2008! I was lucky enough to get off of work and travel to work with Jeff for New Year's. We didn't do anything overly special, didn't go anywhere great, but it has become a tradition for us that when he has to work on New Year's, I go with him :)

There was one special thing though... snow! :) Ok, special to me, since we only see it here about every 4 years... and it's never a lot! So lucky me got to see inches and inches of the wonderful white stuff. We even played in it for a while.

Please excuse the quality of these pictures, as I only had my camera phone (I broke my smaller digital camera..sad day)

This first picture was taken from the plane, coming in to land in Detroit.

And this picture was the 5 inches of snow we woke up to in Kalamazoo!


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