Wednesday, April 16, 2008

..computers confuse me..

So for no reason, my computer has decided I can now go to any website I want.. guess it felt bad for teasing me for a week. Who knows, it might just be dangling them in front of my face for a day, just to take them away again.

Anyway, I'm so terribly excited. I got a new toy yesterday... wanna see it?! :)

iPhone!!! I'm so in love with this thing. Jeff and I both got one, so last night I don't think we said anything to each other besides, "Hey, look what this does!" or, "Man, this is so cool!!" We're worse than kids on Christmas, I'm not kidding :)

I also managed to get some pages done.. one I can't show you yet because it's for the Survivor Challenge. But here's a quickie I did last night. Sorry for the angled photo, but Jeff had the good camera, so I had to angle it to avoid a flash :P


  1. I'm so jealous! Wow, an iPhone! That is sooooo cooooool!!

  2. iPhone...NO WAY!!!....enjoy it! the layout w/ the shadows!...
    ;) angie (craftyscrapr)

  3. you will LOVE that iPhone . . . don't know how i ever lived without mine!!

  4. I love your shadow layout...the photos are awesome, what a great way to show YOU even if you're behind the lens!

    Your phone/internet thing sounds pretty cool!

  5. ooooooo Technology can be a plain in the butt like for real! And fickle at the same time LOL!!!!

    I played with the iphone at the Apple Store just recently and fell in LOVE. I immediately called my husband like " honeeeeeyyyyyy...can I get....can I get..........the i phone?????" He was like um????...NO!!!

    Ha HAAAAAAAAA...a gal can try hu? LOL!!!! You enjoy your toy girl :)

    And your page is simple and sweet. The photos are way neat! You gotta teach us how to pull that off!!!!

    Chat soon,

  6. Lucky you!!! I'd love an iPhone, but I am too afraid I'd lose it. I don't have a good track record with cell phones!