Friday, May 23, 2008

..boys are messy..

Hubby just left for work this morning, and I thought, "Good, now I can have scrappy time!" but then I realized what a mess he left! When he comes home, he leaves a trail of stuff all over the house. I get to spend the first couple of days after he leaves picking up after him! :)

So anyway, no finished projects yet, but I will share some fun stuff with you.

I'm taking part in a Funky Sock Exchange... you mail 1 pair and get back like, 30. I joined Corina's round, so if anyone reading this wants to join my round, let me know. And if you want more info about it, let me know that too :) You just mail out this letter to 6 people, and then mail out your 1 pair of socks. It's easy, really :)

Also, from Joscie's blog, I found AnySoldier. I'm going to get some people together to make some care packages to send. Whether or not the war is justified, there are still sons and daughters, fathers and mothers over seas fighting for this country. It's so sad when you read their "Wish List" and it says that a card with a simple "Thank You" means more than anything else they could receive.

Lastly, I'm a huge fan of Domino Magazine, and they have House Tours on their website. The current one being featured, Liz Lange's, is enough to make me want to grab all of her patterns and scrap with them! I mean, don't you just love those pillows and zebra skin rug? :)


  1. oo thanks for sharing the link to anysoldier. that looks really nice. Hope you get some scrappy time soon!!

  2. That anysoldier sounds really cool I will have to check it out!! Thanks!! Hope you get to start scrapping soon!!