Monday, January 19, 2009

..the challenges start today!..

I am super excited to be a part of the new Challenge Team over at All Moments Remembered. The Challenge Team was created to help everyone get some new ideas, take a few creative leaps, and above all, get some scrapping done!

So come join us in our weekly challenges and maybe you will be named a Princess and work your way up to being the Queen of challenges. (You do need to be registered at AMR to do the challenges) The Card CT has already started to post their challenges. And the weekly challenges for LO's and projects (M-Thur) will start January 19th.

Card CT members:
cpmemories aka cindy
scrappyjackie aka jackie
craftyscrapr aka angie
kelliannie aka kelli

Weekly CT members:
Our team members are :
Harley aka Hayatiggs (that's me!!!) :)
Kelly aka born2scrap
Gloria aka GLOANN
Patti Martin aka Patti Martin
jessica aka jessicamae3 (CT coordinator)


Monday-Color Challenge
Tuesday-Font/Title Challenge
Wednesday-Product Challenge(born2scrap-Kelly)
Thursday-Scraplift Challenge(Hayatiggs-Harley)

Friday-Individual Challenge Team members challenge
The Friday challenges are for the challenge team to throw out challenges for layouts or projects you may have wanted to complete but haven't had that push to do so!
PLUS, there is a chance for you to win a fab prize from AMR weekly thanks to!

Friday’s challenges will be posted by the challenge team on a rotating basis. Each winner will be announced on the following Friday. These challenges will sometimes include little mini tutorials that will make participating in the challenge a little easier or educational.

The daily challenges are easy and doable! They will be challenges that you think...hey, I can do that!!!
The goal is you play along with the challenges M-TH...complete layouts...get them in your album....and maybe come out the other side of the year a QUEEN!(there will be 4 queens) Now keep in don't have to be the most amazing just have to nail the challenge(meaning-follow all the directions-that's it...that simple!). Winners will be chosen each week for the M-Th challenges by the challenge team. You will be crowned princess for that week. The person crowned princess most weeks in the year for each of the four challenges will be crowned QUEEN of that challenge at next year’s anniversary crop!

Princess honors:
Your layout will be placed in the flickr royal gallery, you will receive kudos in the winners thread, and you will be able to attend the weekly happy hour at headquarters with the “staff” wink wink wink, also...cutepumpkin is working on a blinkie for the princesses!

Here's what it means to be a Princess or Queen:
Queen honors:
You will be crowned during opening ceremonies at next year’s anniversary crop, you will receive a prize and a crown from AMR, you will receive a Queen blinkie (thanks to cutepumpkin!) and carry the title of queen through the next year where you will attempt to reign supreme!

So, like I said, it starts today.. come see Monday's Challenge, it's a fabulous one! :)


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