Friday, January 23, 2009

..the snotty kids caught up with me..

I substitute teach a couple of days a week to try and compensate for my expensive crafting habit.. Well last week I had a small Pre-K class, and I was wiping noses ALL day long. I tried not to get too close, but it's hard when they are so cute and they just want you to hold their hand while you sing during Circle Time. Since then I've been popping vitamin C and hoping that I wouldn't get sick..


Vitamin C just can't compete with a snotty kid. I woke up today with an awful head cold. I'm stuffy, runny, and achy. I really wanted to just lay around, but I managed to do a load of clothes, and create one crafty thing. I had to create.. it makes me feel better. So I sewed...

I made this cute checkbook cover for a partner on SwapBot. I'm really liking some purple right now. I mean I've always liked it, but the last couple of shirts I've bought have been purple. The floral is a vintage fabric I found at a yard sale. The yo-yos and the inside are just a light purple cotton. I really like how it turned out. I love making yo-yos, and sometimes I have to remind myself that you can't put 30 of them on one project, lol :) If you didn't want to use it as a checkbook cover, you could also use it as a coupon holder.


  1. you are just as creative as you are gorgeous!!!...

    i worked in kindergarten for almost 3 yrs, as a teacher assistant, and let me tell you it is really hard to stay well!!!...

  2. Love it! Purple is one of my fave colors :O). You did great on this check book cover! Woot!
    NO matter how hard you try to disinfect yourself and sanitize- you're STILL bound to get sick :O(
    Hope you feel better soon! When you're laying low- sew! What a good rule of thumb *winks*

  3. my advice...keep subbing in pre K and will be immune to everything eventually!
    Speaking from experience!!! Love what you created! You are so stinking talented!
    I tagged you on my blog by the way!

  4. Try taking a cap of Goldenseal Root powder. Just one a day when you are around lots of kids. It works for me. I also take one if I'm going to fly a long distance. I always got sick on planes until I started taking goldenseal.