Wednesday, April 8, 2009

..awesome swap mail..

I looove to swap! Swap-Bot, Craftster, Swap Dex, Flickr.. I don't care, I'll swap anywhere :) I recently received some fabulous packages that need to be shown! :)

First up is a package from Lethargic on Craftster. It was for the March Birthday Swap. She sent me gummi bears (yay for gummis!), some Shrinky Dink sheets (I was seriously 12 the last time I played with these, I can't wait to play again!) and some super cute blue flower bobby pins and a ring to match.

Next is a package from sopieangele on Craftster. It was for the March Birthday Swap also. She knew I love Alice, and she just happens to live in Oxford, England (which is where Alice is from!) so I got this great Alice tote, and some really beautiful Alice notecards. I told her I think I'm going to frame them. They're just too pretty to use! She also sent me some cool pin-up girl fabric, some really neat beads, and some awesome bobby pins. She made the beaded ones herself!

And then the last (but definitely not least!) package was from Julie for the Vintage Spring Sweetness Swap. She went way above and beyond. She sent me so much stuff I had to break it down into two pictures, lol. Check out all this awesomeness... tons of scrapbooking stuff, sparkly, beaded and soft felt eggs, beautiful hand embroidered linens, Easter bunny napkins, a bunny frame, cupcake toppers, jellybeans, a cute notepad, and a really cool songbook from the 1920's!

Thanks so much to all three of these girls.. you made Spring my favorite season!! :D

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  2. You really got some Fabulous goodies. Thank you for being the Sweetest swap partner...