Friday, May 15, 2009


Where have I been?! My poor little blog has been so neglected! It has been a whirlwind of craziness since my last day of teaching. I really think I'm busier when I'm NOT working. And I was also without internet for a couple of days. That was pretty rough, but I actually got some projects done :) And then I was also out of town with J for a couple of days.. that was fun :) So I've been busy but it's been good times. And a friend of mine is getting married today and asked me to direct her wedding, so that will keep me busy today. And today is also my kitty's birthday! Raleigh is 4 years old today. Happy Birthday Fuzzness! You keep reaching for the stars! *lol*

I finished my latest row for the Row Robin Quilt Swap on Flickr. Here is what I did..

It was my first time doing block piecing, and I really enjoyed it. I like this block pattern a lot, and could see myself making a whole quilt with it... eventually :)

And now I must go get ready, because the wedding starts at 6:00pm, so of course I have to be there at 1:00pm :) I promise to get back to my regular posting self, little blog. I have missed you!

Peace, love and koala fuzz y'all!

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  1. ohhh how fun- what an honor to direct a friends wedding. I wonder what the colors are? I always like to see what themes and colors people choose for their weddings/ceremony!
    Your blocks look great! I've never done blocks and I love the color and pattern you did! Yummy! Woohoo!!!
    Keep sewing hun and keep in touch! I ain't goin' anywhere!! Hugs & Faerie Dust!! Miss ya but luv ya more *winks*

  2. good luck with the wedding!!!..the quilt is beautiful!...

    glad to 'see' you back bloggin'....

  3. That photo of Raleigh is HILarious :-) She/he looks like she/he's auditioning for Fame! Brilliant :-)

    Great quilt, and good luck for the wedding!