Friday, June 12, 2009 in some stitchin'..

I finally started sewing on my husband's quilt. The bag of fabric strips has been staring at me all day, so I decided to just start it. Even if I only got a little done, I wanted to start it. See, my husband knows I love to sew. He even bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas. But it wasn't all selfless. He has made it known from the very beginning that he wants a quilt. One to call his very own that he can sleep under. At least he didn't put a deadline on me, lol. So I decided to join in the 2009 Coin Quilt Piece-Along and have that be the design for his quilt. He picked some colors, and even picked out some of the fabric. And so for the last couple of hours, I have been stitching coin rows. This is what I've gotten done so far:

(excuse the loose threads hanging all over the place.. and it hasn't been ironed yet either)

Those are two out of the (hopefully if I have enough strips) five coin rows I want to put on the quilt. Here is a better look at some of the fabrics I'm using..

I have to admit, I wasn't sure how the brown would look, but when he picked out the blue fabric with the brown dots, it really tied it all in together. And the darkness of the brown breaks up the row. I like it, a lot :) It will be a queen sized quilt for our bed when it's finished. He has been very adamant that it be a "big quilt" that he can cover himself completely with. That concern started when I made myself a lap quilt last fall. Just something to cover up with when I'm laying on the couch watching tv. Of course, hubbo's a great deal taller than I am, and the lap quilt doesn't cover him all the way. I've assured him, his quilt will be big enough to cover us both :)

Sudafed time. My sinuses are all messed up.

Peace, love and koala fuzz y'all!

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  1. Thanks for the comments on my Missy Ann Annie :O)
    That quilt is gonna look real nice! What an eye for color and fabric your husband has! I'm impressed! I can't wait to see the whole finished quilt. What a joy and treasure that you BOTH can enjoy and stay warm with! I'm loving the colors and fabric already! You Sew Girl!

  2. Ooh, great work! It's going to be such a fantasticaly personalised piece of art. I love that he helped pick everything! Good luck with getting what you want done today. I can't wait to see the finished project! xx