Monday, June 8, 2009

..oh yeh!..

No more jury duty for me, woot! I escaped not just one trial today, but two! They used the same pool of us to fill juries for two different trials. I managed to get out of both of them :) Although it took ALLLLL day. I got there at 8:30 this morning, and didn't get done until 5:00. But I did, however, get a whopping $10 check for my services.. sheesh, Alabama is cheap. But no jury duty.. whew!

Anyway.. When I first heard about the Painted Cow Parade several years ago, I knew I had to start buying the collectibles for my mom. She loved them. And I even got to see an exhibit of them in Houston and Atlanta. Then, along came the Trail of Painted Ponies. I started collecting them for my sister, but now I really want some for myself. Well, the hubbo and I went with some friends to Memphis a couple of weeks ago to get some sushi. And all over the city were painted ponies! Now, I'm not 100% sure if they were part of the official Trail of Painted Ponies, but it was still fun to try and spot them. And then it was even more fun for my hubbo to watch me try to get their pictures on the side of the highway, with 4 lanes of traffic whizzing by and honking :) So anyway, here are some of the ones we saw..

Aren't they so pretty?I think that last spirit pony is my favorite. And just because you all haven't seen my ugly mug in a while, I'll throw this in.. I got tired of looking at my naked forehead, so I went and got bangs cut :)

Please keep in mind that it was hot.. and a lil' sweaty. So my bangs aren't living up to their full potential :D *gosh, I just realized what my hubs says is true, my eyebrows ARE really light!* Alright, I'm off to get my crafty swap goods ready to mail. They were supposed to go in today, but I was busy.. you know :)

Peace, love and koala fuzz y'all!

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  1. We have a similar thing here in Denver, but it is painted cows. Really, it is rather interesting and cool, even though saying it sounds silly! :)

  2. Congrats to you and your lucky for the $10 check! We don't get paid until it goes pass the first day.

    Love love the horses! My fav is the last one too.

  3. You are way to stinking cute! Those horses are fabulous! How cool!

  4. Hello Pretty Thang *hugs*! All day for 10 bucks. Now go splurge if it isn't already gone *winks*
    I love the painted horses! What a neat idea! { H U G S }