Friday, October 17, 2008 mash..

Ready for a howling good weekend? I promise there will be LOTS of puns like that! :D

It's officially midnight somewhere, let's kick this party off! How about some fun stuff to do and see while you're rocking out to some spooky tunes.

Here are some Halloween contest links..

FujiFilm's Halloween Photo Contest

Inhabitots Green Halloween Contest

Spyglass Photo Contest

Spooktacular Halloween Kit Contest

Next, check out these Super Cool Carved Pumpkins. These are amazing!

That's just the start of this fun weekend. There will be blog posts coming up all day long, so check back frequently. Or better yet, you can subscribe to my blog! The link is over to the right ---->

And if you haven't already, go check out Valerie's blog, A Fanciful Twist. She's got some amazing stuff, plus a list of everyone taking place in the Halloween Blog Party this weekend!


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