Friday, October 31, 2008

..happy halloween!..

It's the big day, and even though I'm not dressing up this year, I'm really excited. J and I have never been home on Halloween in the two years that we've been living here. So I don't even know if any kids will come knocking on our door. But I'm excited to find out :) Here's a pic of our Jack-o-lantern, all ready and waiting!

I told J I wanted him to hide in the bushes by our front porch and scare kids when they came up. We're so mean :D

I'll tell you who's NOT mean though, and that's my buddy Beth. She had my name for the "Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas" Apron Swap, and MAN ALIVE did she come through! She knew that I liked coffee, and she knew that I liked turquoise. So what did she do? Found some turquoise coffee fabric! Check out this awesome apron..

I love it. And look at this spiffy coffee wallet she made me too!

It has places to hold your individual coffee or tea bags. Perfect for me to take when I teach! She's selling them in her Etsy shop too, go have a look.

And that's not all.. she sent me a great Coffee Book, some cute magnets, a tea towel, a bag of Peet's Coffee, and a magazine that Peet's was listed in as one of the Top 9 Best Coffees! Thank you so much Beth, I love everything!!

And I did manage to get one crafty thing done today. I got my stocking made for a Handmade Stocking Swap I'm in on Swap-Bot. I went a little non-traditional with my fabric choice. I hope my partner likes it!

Ok, enough for today. J is yelling from the other room that he's hungry. I made a yummy Enchilada casserole last night and (to my surprise) he wants leftovers :)

Happy Halloween everyone!!


  1. Happy Halloween my sweet friend!
    *sprinkle sprinkle*

  2. Harley - thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad you liked the apron. Who knew coffee cups could look so good on turquoise fabric? Happy Halloween! Beth