Wednesday, October 29, 2008

..pumpkin patch..

J and I finally got to go to the pumpkin patch yesterday. I was so excited because he's never been to one before. It wasn't as full as it would have been if we had gone at the beginning of the month, but they still had a lot of pumpkins and mums left.

They had these wagons to haul your pumpkins on, and J said, "Hop on, I wanna pull you!" So I did. See my feet? :) He pulled me down to the field :)

Here we are, looking all cute :)

And here is the whopper we brought home. It weighs 58 pounds!! J was so proud... he said it was manly :D

I'll have carving pictures for you tomorrow :D


  1. You are very photogenic!
    Harley, thank you so much for my apron for the hot drinks swap; I love it!! The embroidery is beautiful. And for the chocolate coffee (yum), truffles (double yum) and coffee towel. Now I can be a proper lady of leisure and sip my coffee and eat chocolate bonbons all day! I will get pictures up on my blog soon!

  2. Love your pumpkin pics! Too cute with the shoes!