Tuesday, February 3, 2009

..show some sewing love..

Happy February all! (I know I'm a couple of days late, cut me some slack, lol)

Just wanted to show the super cute package I got in the mail. It was from the ultra-talented Dawn @ Sew Ritzy-Titzy.

Isn't that mini quilt just the sweetest? Just look at all of the stitching detail. And that pincushion is just adorable. I mean like, if it had cheeks, I would pinch them :D Thank you so so much Dawn! :) There were also some Hershey kisses in the package, but they seemed to have mysteriously disappeared...

And here is a little peek at what I sent my partner.

It's one of my very comfy scarves, backed with light pink flannel. I hope she likes it :)


  1. note to self-MUST learn to sew, MUST learn to sew...those are both gorgeous!!!...

  2. I agree with Angie! I must learn to sew. That pin cushion is adorable! I love the scarf you made too! Looks super soft.

  3. ohhh- gorgeous and nice fabric! I love the color combos!
    What you got is cute too! Yay- for happy sewing!

  4. Just thought I'd say "hello" to another Alabama blogger. I saw your blog on the decor8blog.com blanket giveaway thread! :)

  5. BOTH projects are just lovely and great. I think that cupcake looks good enough to eat! The scarf will be loved, I am sure.

  6. That scarf is adorable!!! Your color combination is beautiful...Blessings Julie

  7. The little quilt is so darn cute. I'll have to share the pic with my Mom, she's a quilter. Your scarf was super cute too.