Thursday, February 5, 2009

..yes, there are nice people out there..

In a world where road rage and rudeness are all too prevalent, it's great to know that there are still lots of really nice people out there. And what's even better is when those really nice people are really nice to me :)

I participated in a Scrapbooking Secret Sister Swap that lasted all of 2008. By the time it was over, you would have sent your partner 5 packages. My partner sent me 2, and then quit on me. Never a note of, "I'm sorry, I can't participate anymore.." or anything. Just left me hanging. Christmas was to be the end of the swap, and I just wrote it all off as a bad experience... until today.

I got the most wonderful package in the mail from a lady named Heather. She had agreed to be a Swap Angel, and send me the three packages that I never got from my partner. She sent me three wonderful scrapbook kits filled with everything from Pink Paislee to Tinkering Ink. Heather, I can't begin to thank you for what you did for me :) *BIG HUGS TO YOU!!*

And I got more happy mail too! Stuck in between two bills was this little goodie!

It's a postcard from Iowa! Sent to me by my friend (and Unity Stamp Goddess) Lynn! :D Thanks for thinking of me Lynnie Marie :)

So I worked on a little something today to spread some niceness. It's a secret though, I gotta keep it quiet for now. But I can tell you it involves a big pink button :D

Peace, love and koala fuzz y'all!


  1. It always stinks when you get the shaft in those kind of cooperative efforts! At least there are some nice folks out there willing to take their time to make up for the unthoughtful ones! :)

  2. I am so happy that the SS thing got resolved for you!!! Loving the big pink button...need to see more! LOL!

  3. That pink button is captivating me! I'm curious whatcha doin'?? Do share and tell soon! And that was awfully nice of the Swap Angel to do that!
    Yayyy for RAOK!

  4. WHat a sweet thing for Heather to do! Don't ya just love a great mail day!

  5. There are lots of angels in disguise out there but we sometimes fail to recognize them. This was a particularly good angel! blessings, marlene