Monday, August 3, 2009

..13 days of halloween swap..

Ok, so, it's already August, which means that Fall is really just right around the corner. And what's my favorite part of Fall? Why, Halloween of course! So I decided to host a swap for all my fellow Halloween lovers out there. Here's the lowdown..

13 Days of Halloween Swap

You will have 1 partner, and this will not be a secret swap. This way if you ever have any questions, you can email each other. You will frequently browse your partner's blog and any other sites they want to share with you (Flickr, Etsy, etc) so that you can really get to know them and their tastes. I have made many good friends through swapping! You will create 13 individually wrapped packages for your partner, and mail them all off together by October 1st. That gives your package 2 1/2 weeks to reach its destination, plenty of time. The 13 days of Halloween begin on October 19th. Therefore, you will label each package with a date, starting with Oct. 19th and going through Oct. 31. That way, beginning Oct. 19th your partner will have one package to open each day.

Don't let the amount of packages scare you. You will only be spending about $20.00 before shipping. Some of your packages can be small items, such as candy or stickers. You do not have to spend a lot, this swap is just designed to give us all something to look forward to on the days leading up to Halloween. It would, however, be a good idea to make your "biggie" items be one of the last ones your partner would open. You know, the big shebang and all that. :)

Now I have to get all teacher-y and give you some rules. They have been made with all of you in mind though. I want everyone to have a great swapping experience.

*Absolutely no flaking. If you think you can't commit to this swap, then please don't. It's an awful thing to spend a lot of time making a special package for someone, only to not receive anything in return. I know a lot of people charge an "entry fee" for swaps to cover costs should anyone flake, but I just don't want to have to do that. If you flake, you will be added to a "non-swapper" list that I share with lots of other blog swap hostesses.

*Communication is absolutely required. You must talk to your partner and you must talk to me. Leave comments on your partner's blog, chat in the Flickr group, send emails, whatever you want. You just have to keep in good communication with me and your partner. I just need to know you're still out there.

*I know the world is a crazy unexpected force and things come up from time to time. I also know that sometimes a swap isn't the most important thing in your life. But, if something does happen, just let me and your partner know. I am very understanding when I know what is going on. Whether you're going to be a couple of days late sending out (that's why I give it 2 1/2 weeks to get there) or something major came up and you can't fulfill the swap, I HAVE to know. If I haven't heard from you in the week before the mailout date, I will tell your partner NOT to send yours. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to be fair.

*You must be able to upload photos of what you receive. I have set up a Flickr Group just for this swap. You don't necessarily have to upload a new picture every day (but if you want to, please do) but you at least have to post a photo in the end showing everything that you received together. So, one picture or lots of pictures, you have to show what you received.

*You must let me and your partner know when you mail your package, and if you are shipping within the U.S. you must get Delivery Confirmation. It's less than a dollar, and so worth it.

*At least 3 items must be handmade, and they must be nice quality. Don't anybody go slapping a sticker on a sheet of notebook paper and calling that stationary! :D

Now, if you've made it through all of that and you still want to join, then you're awesome!! :D

Here is the info I need from you..

Real full name:

Mailing address (including country):

Email address:

Blog address:

Would you be willing to mail internationally?

What other blog swaps have you recently completed? (include website if you remember)

What crafts do you do the most?

What craft do you wish you could do?

What's your favorite candy?

Do you have any allergies? (smoke, food-specific, etc)

Anything special you'd like your partner to know?

Please send all of that in an email to hayatiggs at comcast dot net

Sign-ups will remain open for two weeks, until August 17th. On August 18th I will post and email partners to all of you. That will give you 6 weeks to put together an awesome package for your partner. I have created some graphics for you all to use if you'd like. You can click on each one to see them in full size. If you need to know how to post the graphic on your blog and have it link back here, then please let me know! These have also been put on the swap's Flickr Group.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask! :)

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  1. I am so in! Emailing you now! *sprinkle sprinkle*

  2. How soon do you need to know if we would like to join?

  3. Sign ups will be open until August 17th! :)

  4. Oh, this sounds like such great fun, but I completely overbooked myself this fall and I have three shows telling me I don't dare play!!! I can't wait to hear from everyone how much fun this was!!! Thanks for letting me know about this swap.

  5. Count me in! I emailed you. I'm also posting this on The Crafty Table:

    The ladies there are wonderful swappers and are not flakers.

  6. Hi. I have never done a swap before but would really would like to join. I just had some questions first: I know you said to communite with you and your partner, so I was wondering can we ask them to make certain things. We are having a halloween party and I plan to be Alice in Wonderland so it would be nice to get all things of this theme such as maybe Alice's Headband or maybe a necklace! I just didn't know if these items were too big though? Or if we could even request for our partner to do a certain theme? Just checking. Thanks Daisy~

  7. Okay...I sent you my info. I'm super excited! Does anyone know if gnomes celebrate Halloween? I'm thinking they would lead to some serious cuteness!

  8. Jing, I dunno if they do, but I can tell you that a gnome dresses in a little Halloween costume would be AWESOME!! :D

  9. WOuld love to join! I found you floating around Gypsy Mermaid Blog. She is having a fan swap, but Halloweem? Yeah I love Halloween!

  10. I've never done this before but it sounds fun, so I think I will! I'm doing a 13 days of halloween thing for my blog too that's how I found your blog.

  11. You can count me in. It sounds like so much fun!!

  12. Yay! This sounds so fun. I'm in; I emailed you my information. :)

  13. I think I need to try this out! Sounds like fun and I'd love to get in on it...I'll send my e-mail and info next.


  14. Tagged you on my latest blog posting too!

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