Thursday, August 13, 2009

..why is the dickens so painful?..

"It hurts like the dickens!" I say that a lot. I said it earlier when I gave myself a 2nd degree hot water burn on my thumb. I thought maybe it was a Southern thing, then I realized I had heard it in several old english films. I had to look it up..

dick·ens (dknz)

n. Informal
1. A severe reprimand or expression of anger: gave me the dickens for being late.
2. Used as an intensive: What in the dickens is that?
3. A word used in exclamations of confusion; "what the devil"; "the deuce with it"; "the dickens you say"

Well there you have it folks. Didn't think I'd be giving English lessons today, did you? :)

On the 13 Days of Halloween Swap front.. we now have 20 participants signed up, woot! I know we can get 5 more people in the next 4 days. I just know we can!

On the wedding cake biz front.. I went and paid my $400 for the vendor space at the Bridal Fair. I jumped in.. I'm committed. If I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it right! :) I'll let you know how it goes :)

On the crafting front.. I've been too busy with getting cake stuff in order. I'm so behind! I HAVE to finish my Row Robin rows tonight. And I have to work on some mermaid stuff for another swap. I'm kicking the hubbo out of the house so I can get some work done! :)

And to leave you with some bling, I want this..

It's the Limited Edition Diamond and Black Sapphire Hello Kitty pendant. They only made 100 of them. Me wants it. Me doesn't want to pay $195 for it, but me wants it :)

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  1. I didn't know you were a Hello Kitty fan?? Are ya?

    That's a cute HK necklace, but that price- if they drop the 5 at the end I'd get it for you *giggles*


  2. good job on the committing thing.
    You'll do great.
    I want the Necklace too.
    I love Hello Kitty.
    Let me know if you get it.

  3. Way to jump right the moment I am debating about a show and I should take my own advice!!
    Happy creating today!!

  4. I've always wondered about that phrase! I was just afraid to look it up! LOL! Oh...and I want that, too....just with a red bow, though. I like red. It makes me happy.

  5. Congrats on being the winner at The Polka Dot Pixie! *slaps*

  6. What's the Polka Dot Pixie? Let us know when you get your Hello Kitty necklace!! I hope at that price that the cahin does come with it!!

  7. I would love to join your swap. I sent an email re: the problem I may have. I think it can be worked with, but wanted to ask first.