Tuesday, August 11, 2009

..rainy tuesday..

Woke up to showers this morning. We needed it, but now the sun is out and shining bright. I might just get to cut my grass today after all :)

Things have been crazy around here. I decided to take the plunge and go head first into the cake biz. I mean really put myself out there. Because of that, I've had phone call after phone call lately! I'm so not complaining. I'm already pretty much booked up for October. Which is awesome! :D I think I've also decided to have a table at the Fall Bridal Show which is in a month. I'm a little nervous about that though, for a few reasons..

1. The table fee is $400. Granted if I made just two orders from the show, I would make that money back.

2. There will be two other major cake tables there. Two businesses who have been around a long time, and until me (heh) they were pretty much your only choice for cake around here. I'll be the new kid on the block, and I don't know how well I will be received.

3. Since it has only been in this year that I've really focused on the business, I don't have tons of pictures to show. Silly me never thought to take pictures of all the cakes I've been doing the last FOUR years! But, I've told recent clients that I don't really like having a book, because I don't want them to feel limited by what they see. I am all about customization and individuality when it comes to designing a cake.

4. It's gonna be a LOT of work. I'll have to have at least 2 display cakes, plus enough petit fours to feed at least 500 people. Mom will help me, and she will also help me run the table but sheesh :D

So.. I'm about 97% sure I'm gonna do it. It just makes me nervous :D

On the swapping front, we have 16 people signed up so far for the 13 Days of Halloween Swap! Yay! And you can see we've gained a couple more prize sponsors too. And these sponsors are giving away some cute stuff! If we make it to 25 swappers, I'll add 2 more prizes. So go tell all your friends. Let them know they need to do this swap. It's gonna be fun :)

And I'm a loser and haven't done anything crafty lately, so I'll leave you with some fashion eye candy. I am in love with you, J. Crew..

All photos courtesy of jcrew.com

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  1. I am excited that you are really diving into your cake business! That is awesome! I suppose that means I should plan on cupcakes arriving at my door any day now! HA! You will so have to tell us all about how the table goes...you are probably way cuter than the other people, so that alone should get you tons of customers!

  2. Kudos to you for taking the plunge into the cake business. It will make for some healthy competition. If it is YOUR dream to do this- then you've got your foot in the door. Who cares what the other decorators feel. I mean- that wasn't supposed to sound snobby or stand-offish - what I meant was- don't let your fear keep you from pursuing your dream. Sure you'll be the New Kid on the Block- and you already have made some savvy cakes so I know you'll rock! Keep your eye on the SWEET prize and go for it! You won't know until you try! I have faith in you sweetie. And save me a slice :) Woohoo!!

  3. Hey,
    thanks for the sweet comments on my dolls, love your site, sorry I can't do the swap this time, hurricane season is ramping up here in FL and I own a Marine rescue business. But I will follow you
    I love Halloween too
    Kaerie Faerie

  4. Congrats on moving forward with your cake business. You won't regret any time you spend pursuing your passion!

    And guess what... you won my giveaway! Shoot me an email and I will get it in the mail to you asap :-) (((hugs))))- Jenny

  5. If you have that lump in your throat or butterflies in the stomach- then you are on the right path! reserve that table and make the petit fours:)
    Please count me in for the Halloween swap.
    take care Kim

  6. I emailed you early this morning but worried you may not see my email for some reason so I am writing here. I HOPE you will forgive me but, because of illness I have to pull out of the swap. I wanted to do it BEFORE you assign partners so I won't mess you up. This is an ongoing health issue but this time it's really hitting me with a bang.