Monday, June 20, 2011 monday 6/20..

Since Monday is the only day of the week I have home from the bakery, and now that I have a totally working computer (*knocks on wood*) then I'd like to do something special. So I thought Fun Monday would be, well, fun! :)

Here are the rules.. don't worry, they're not too strict :)

1. Search the web and find something fun! It could be a craft, a recipe, a new online boutique, or anything. Then make a post on your blog about Fun Monday and link to your fun find!

2. Come back here and leave a link to YOUR blog post about Fun Monday!

3. Visit other bloggers' Fun Monday posts and leave them some love.

4. Tell your friends! :)

If you'd like, you can grab the Fun Monday button and post it on your blog if you'd like.

For your viewing pleasure today, I give you my Fun Find..

Check out the tutorial for this awesome Fringe Necklace!

It's made by the talented Alison from SheBlogs SheBlogs! And the tutorial is easy, so you can make a necklace for every outfit :)

Now it's your turn. Link up to your Fun Monday post!

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  1. Hey! I LOVE BEING FUN! Thanks so much for the shout out!

  2. I SOOOOOO need to make some of these! They resemble our cultural BEADED necklaces but without the DREADED beading! THANKS for a REALLY awesome link, Harley! And I will link up NEXT week!