Sunday, June 19, 2011

..i love patterns..

I'm fortunate enough to have several craft/fabric stores in my city. About every couple of weeks, at least one of them will run a sale on sewing patterns. They usually lower them to $1.99, and occasionally they lower them to $.99. At either price, I try to stock up. Last week I snagged some Simplicity patterns on sale. I found some really cute ones for dresses for the girls. Here's a few of them..

Now if someone would just run "free time" on sale, I'd buy that up! :)

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  1. Your two lil' sweethearts would look beautiful in burlap sacks! But they are going to be STUNNING in some of these darling dresses! I wish I had some extra free time! If I DID, I'd GIVE it to YOU, Harley! Hugs to the girls from Aunty Kai! And lots of them for YOU as well!