Tuesday, June 28, 2011

..need something to do?..

I am a tutorial HOUND! I love tuts, and thought maybe some of you do too. So I thought maybe I would compile some of my faves. But I didn't want to just throw a bunch of them at you all willy nilly.. because let me tell you, tutorial posting is not the time to be willy nilly. Yes, willy nilly does have it's time and place.

Anyway, I thought I would put together some categories. That's how I would want to see them.. Wanna start with some kids' projects?

Faux Tie @ icandy handmade
A-Frame Tent @ Cakies
Fish Hat @ Knitty
Ruffle Leg Pants @ the Sewing Dork
Ruffle Sunsuit @ little betty
Fish-in-a-Bag Soap @ Martha Stewart
Softie Doll @ 60piggies
Popcorn Cupcakes @ Under the Table and Dreaming
Little Legwarmers @ Smashed Peas and Carrots
Little Boy Shorts @ Taylor Made
Monogram Bow Holder @ Momma's Kinda Crafty
Fabric Blocks @ Ruby Jane's

Go... create... have fun :)

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