Saturday, December 6, 2008

..hong kong phooey..

Well, at least the phooey part. That's how the craft fair went today. I made about $45. Sadly enough that's probably about twice what most other people made. There wasn't a good turnout at all. *sigh* Oh well :) I have some info on some larger fairs for next year.

On the exciting side, I have drawn a winner for my giveaway!! :) Actually the hubbo did, so if he didn't draw your name, blame it on him :) And the winner is:

Donna who said...Love that you're making us work a bit! heh!!

So Donna if you could please e-mail me your address. I went to both of your blogs and I didn't see a way to email you. So please send me your mailing addy so I can get these ponytail holders out to you!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who dropped by my blog, and another HUGE thanks to everyone who subscribed. Maybe you'll find parts of my life amusing enough to come around :D

And now I'm headed to bed, because I'm exhausted, and I don't want to sew anything for at least another 2 days... and Christmas is coming.. eek.

Peace, love and koala fuzz y'all! :)

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  1. What a bummer about your craft fair! I can completely sympathize as that happened to me last year, too. Craft fairs are just so difficult to gage, but don't give up! I'm sure things will be better next year :)