Wednesday, December 10, 2008

..santa claws & cake..

I had to show you all this.. it's just the cutest ever.

I know, so cute. Pogue wore the hat for the longest time.. she was awake when we put it on her. She's the more subdued of our two cats. Raleigh would never have allowed us to put ANYTHING on her. If I wanted a picture of her in a hat, I would have to Photoshop it onto her head. But Pogue was very cooperative. I actually think she enjoys playing dress-up.

And I just wanted to show you a pic of the Classic Coconut Cake I did for last week's Festival of Trees Banquet. I usually do a 6 layer cake, but this one is just a 4 layer.

Can you tell what those poinsettias are made out of? :) I was kinda clever on those.. it's chewing gum! :D

My dryer is buzzing.. time to fold some clothes.

Peace, love and koala fuzz y'all!


  1. Wow, I thought it was fondont! Not gum! Very clever. What a cute kitty! My cat would take the hat off, then chew on it... she's a weird cat!

  2. This is an awesome cake! Great job! I think I need you to make me some awesome cupcakes! LOL!

  3. the cat is cute, but that cake....yummmm, i love coconut!...very clever using the gum!...

  4. The gum is great! The texture on the gums makes it perfect!

  5. OHHHh I love that kitty pic!!! I am wanting to come have cake at your house! The flowers are gorgeous and you are so clever!!