Monday, December 15, 2008 better not cry..

Our newspaper had a call for pictures of children on Santa's lap who were less than happy. This picture made it to the front page...

That horrified little boy in the too-cute suspenders... that's my husband :) And you want this to get funnier? Santa is being played by his dad, haha. Yes, my father-in-law dressed as Santa, with my husband on his lap, screaming. This totally made my day :)

Just for comparison's sake, here they are 25 years later :)

And here is the picture we used for our Christmas cards this year. Raleigh wasn't very happy with the photo shoot, and we got 1 shot at it. Thank goodness all of our eyes were open..

That's right, Alabama Santa hats. Roll Tide :)

Oh, and you should check out PaperMonkey because Suzy is giving away a TON of goodies. You just have to be entered today by 3pm Eastern, so hurry!

Gotta go get the hubbo ready for work. I have some more pictures I need to post, but it will have to wait.

Peace, love and koala fuzz y'all!


  1. This is my first time visiting your blog,I like it though.The picture is very cute and that coconut cake looks yummy!!!

  2. Harley - Love the photo!! You guys are too cute!

  3. first, your hubby on daddy santa's knee is hilarious!...

    love the family picture!...

  4. Hilarious photo of your DH -- and such a cute picture of you two and the two furry ones now!

  5. Did your husband realise that Santa was his dad - by the screams I'm thinking no. Very funny.

  6. omg!!! kitteh xmas pics are TOOOOOOOO funny! (don't worry, tho, i think you are safe from lolcat-style revenge scenarios by virtue of having posted that adorable santa pic...i'm sure the cats have taken that into consideration!)