Monday, July 13, 2009

..birthday bash..

*I am warning you now, there will be lots of pics in this post!*

This past weekend, 3 of my favorite boys in the whole world celebrated birthdays... my nephews. Charles turned 8 on Friday, Connor turned 6 on Saturday (they're brothers), and Matthew turned 15 on Sunday (he's their cousin). Talk about a busy, cake-filled weekend :)

So Saturday was Charles and Connor's party was on Saturday.

They thought this was so funny..

In the next shot you can see the confusion on Connor's face. It's because we got him the Transformers Wii game. But they didn't have a Wii. So I told them I must have got the wrong kind, and that I would have to take it back..

But this was the next present they opened.. (I love the face)

Then we managed to pull them away from it long enough to let them whack their pinatas..

Charles had gotten turned around, and was headed towards the crowd. I've never seen grown men move so fast :D

Connor knew he liked Pixi sticks, but had never eaten a blue one..

Lol, he didn't like it :)

Then Sunday was Matthew's birthday. Being 15, he just wanted some hamburgers and cake. He's a big St. Louis Cardinals fan, and asked me to make his cake, and I happily obliged.

Then came the silliness..

Then it just got hilarious :)

It was a great weekend :)

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