Wednesday, July 1, 2009's july!..

Holy cow, this summer is running by at lightspeed. I've got so much to do. When summer starts, you know I have to cut our grass like, every couple of days. And if it rains? Well then it feels like I have to cut it every couple of hours! It grows so fast..

I also have lots to do cake-wise this month. I have an anniversary cake to make for Friday, a teenage boy's birthday cake in 2 weeks, and a Baby Shower cake at the end of the month. But let me tell ya, I'd much rather be busy making cakes than be busy doing dishes or something stupid like that :D Speaking of my cakes, I started a new Flickr account to put all of my pictures there, in case anyone wants to have a gander at them.. I really wish I had started taking photos of my stuff back before I decided to do cakes as a business. One of my favorites is a Mickey Mouse birthday cake I did for a coworker's little boy. It was adorable, and I didn't take a single picture. Hmm, I wonder where he works now, maybe I can track him down :D

I leave you with a picture of my Quality Control Supervisor. Whenever I'm sewing, she's there watching, making sure I'm doing things right..

She's a tough one I tell ya..

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  1. My cat doesn't leave me alone when I'm at the sewing machine either! Mine seems to like to keep an eye on things from in my lap (which makes sewing difficult because she's not a small creature.)

  2. Hahahaha- what a cutie. Too bad hubby is allergic to cats :O( But then again I'm a dog person! :OP

    OMG- i had to grab extra napkins since I was drooling so much. I rem. the strawberry shortcake. But I never saw the others. You go girl. They look delicious! I love buttercream frosting.
    What do you think of: Sylvia Weinstock? Or shall I ask- whose your fave cake designer??

    I can't imagine doing ANY baking right now. As much as I enjoy baking- I shudder at the thought of baking in 103 degree heat. Yep- thats me in my neck of woods! MWAH


  3. ps- can't wait to see your cake creations!

    :O) ~A~

  4. Oh my gosh, that dotted hydrangea wedding cake you made is GORGEOUS! You are so talented!